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new [Apr. 10th, 2005|01:21 pm]
Punks of the Generation


[mood |exhaustedhomework]
[music |limp wrist]

1.Name: Cheyne
2.Age: 15
3.Location: Culver Shitty, CA
4.Material Status: single
5.Hobbies: playing guitar and sax, listening to music, going to shows,
Bands: wire, verbal abuse, melt-banana, charles bronson, wolfpack, government issue, battalion of saints, adolescents, agathocles, limp wrist, tragedy, the locust, disfear, world burns to death, riistetyt, rattus, rambo, urban waste, discharge, rudimentary peni, assuck, dead boys, bad brains, modern lovers, x, ...many more where that came from.
Song: "pablo picasso" by the modern lovers
Movies: ringu, repo man, another state of mind, detroit rock city, clockwork orange, something wild, ...all i can think of right now.
Venues: knitting factory, CIA, troubadour, long beach warehouse, workmen's circle, the allen theatre (sorta), i'll go anywhere for a show.
7.Last show you went to: Riistetyt w/ Desolation, Star Strangled Bastards, and Knife Fight at the long beach warehouse. fucking kicked ass.
8.Your Opinion on:
war: i can't really say. are you talking the war going on now or war in general? if you're talking war in general, i'll say that i dont' agree with it. i don't think there's a huge need for several nations murdering each other's people.
abortions: it's totally the woman's choice. it's the woman's body, they should decide whether it's legal or not.
unity: i'd like to be the optimist about this, but sorry. unity didn't work in the early scenes, only because when it became a concern, it stopped working. the only way we can really be unified is if we stop judging. too many kids are judgemental in the scene, so i have very little faith in true unity.
peace: i think it's totally possible. but again, kids need to stop being such assholes. there's too many kids that can't take shit. they always have to retaliate for anything.
equality: it's another thing we have to strive for. you have to work for equality, just as peace. it's not simple. we need to first stop judging on race. not everyone wants to. it's not equal if not everyone wants to do it.
punk crews: i hate the fact that they fight against each other. do you really need to fight over who's from where in the punk scene? a gangster is a gangster, no matter if they're punk, ghetto, whatever.
government: i think all gov'ts don't work but neither does anarchy. if we work hard, there wouldn't need to be a gov't, maybe something like anarchosocialism or something. but someone's always gonna fuck it up.
fashionXcore: theXsuck. i don't like it very much. it's just metal with a core behind it (i will say i like atreyu. don't know why. but i ain't ashamed). it's not like i'll kick someone's ass if they are fashioncore. i don't care. but it annoys me.
9.Why should we accept you? i donno. because i'm a likeable guy i guess. you don't have to do anything. i've got no reason. if you don't accept me, whatever. i'm sure if you met me at a show, you'd probably like me, but ya know whatever.
10.Where did you hear from us? i forgot.
11. Promote our community in at least 2 other communities and list their names here: crustpunk and crusties_unite
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with my little bro

From: xpromisedliesx
2005-06-07 11:15 am (UTC)
no thanks.
youre lame and ugly.
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[User Picture]From: abc_weap0ns
2005-06-07 11:47 am (UTC)
i posted this so long ago, i don't even care anymore.
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