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[Sep. 21st, 2005|03:58 pm]
Punks of the Generation



1.Name:rachie#2, sience a million other rachies and rachels occupy the world i added a number to my name to distinguish myself...
3.Location:lincoln park,MI((basicly its detroit))
4.Material Status: i have man, hes hot, i dont have the pics of him uploaded yet, sorry...
5.Hobbies:soccer, art, my band, dying my hair((AND IT IS SERIOUSLY A HOBBY))
? Agent orange
? AlexisOnFire
? Alice In Chains
? Anti-Flag
? A Static Lullaby
? As I Lay Dying
? Billy Talent
? Blink 182
? Boxcar Racer
? Brand New
? Coheed and Cambria
? Dashboard Confessionals
? Deftones
? Everclear
? Fall Out Boy
? Finch
? From Autumn to Ashes
? Goo Goo Dolls
? Greenday
? Hawthorne Heights
? Jet
? Killswitch Engage
? Matchbook Romance
? Mindless Self Indulgance
? My Chemical Romance
? Nirvana
? Our Lady Peace
? Poison the Well
? Pretty Girls Makes Graves
? Rancid
? Relient K
? Rise Against
? Senses Fail
? Silverstein
? Something Corporate
? Soundgarden
? Sublime
? Suicidal Tendencys
? Sum 41
? Switchfoot
? Taking Back Sunday
? The Black Dahlia Murder
? The Cardigans
? The Distillers
? The Killers
? Third Eye Blind
? Thrice
? Thursday
? Trust Co.
? Tsunami Bomb
? Underoath
? Unwritten Law
? Yellowcard

faggot- mindless self indulgence
ruby soho- rancid
i saw your mamma- suicidal tendencys

a clockwork orange
interview with a vampire
the craft
suicide club

Venues:local, if you mean, are wonderful...Theres this place called the modern exchange that hosts local bands all the time...
7.Last show you went to:Crack Jaw,Trenchfoot, and some more local bands
8.Your Opinion on:
war:Okay bush is a fucking maniac who deserves nothing more than to be brutally murdered by a chainsaw((but that was a little off subject)), IF AMERICANS WANT TO BE ALL PATRIOTIC AND GO GET THEM SELVES KILLED IN SOME WAR THEN FUCKING LET THEM, WE DONT NEED ANY MORE IDIOTS LIKE THAT IN THIS COUNTRY ANYWAYS...
abortions:its a womans choice, personaly i wouldnt do it but i dont believe i have any right what to tell someone else to do when they're pregnant...
unity:i think that unity is a beautiful concept, although it can only be accuried for a small amount of time, because there is allways that one fuck up who wants power over everone else..
peace:peace is another beautiful concept, allthough it can only be accuried for a small amount of time
equality:equality is something that could be possible, there would just have to be a certain understanding amongst humans, and that would take alot of weed..
punk crews:if those stupid wiggers can have "gangs" then the punks can have their crew and some turf, and of course their n*GG*r stompers, to beat the living fuck out of people who deserve it...
government:again, bush needs to die, no one in this country deserves to live like this

9.Why should we accept you?because i can put those codes for your promotion banners into scroll bars, along with the application, if i can get access to alter the community info....therefore people can just cut and paste the codes, and it would be much easyer...
10.Where did you hear from us?some community, i think not_HXC
11. Promote our community in at least 2 other communities and list their names here:_______ohrapeme
12.Post 2 CLEAR pictures of yourself(required):

some are fucking photoshopped...

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From: xcandyxbloodx
2005-09-23 02:38 am (UTC)
Horrible music, and this community is beyond dead just to tell you.
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